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  • Jake from Mito

    Jake from Mito

    Exploring the future of Python and Spreadsheets

  • Matteo


    A student, with a passion for programming and in particular Machine Learning.

  • Diego Salinas

    Diego Salinas

    Follow me on a journey through AI and Neuroscience on https://medium.com/artificial-intelligence-and-cognition

  • Andrej Karpathy

    Andrej Karpathy

    I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets.

  • Jake Knapp

    Jake Knapp

    Writer, designer, person. Author of SPRINT and MAKE TIME. More at jakeknapp.com.

  • Vardan Agarwal

    Vardan Agarwal

    Computer Vision enthusiast with an appetite to create fun projects. https://www.linkedin.com/in/vardan-agarwal-6bb123168/ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/vardan

  • Transparent Collective

    Transparent Collective

    Transparent Collective helps Black, Latinx, and women founders access the connections & resources needed to succeed.

  • Dianna Lesage

    Dianna Lesage

    Endlessly curious about the human condition. Founder of Studio Upstart. Chief of Staff @ Untapped Ventures.

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